Working at First Light Solutions

At First Light Solutions, we aim to build a different kind of company. We believe in a "win-win" scenario, where everyone comes out ahead. We do not put our profit before everything else. We want to be a company everyone loves to work at, while providing a world-class experience for our customers. We think it's possible with the right people.

Our hiring philosophy is straightforward: Can we count on you to help us succeed? In other words, we seek individuals who share our values, especially:

  • Teamwork: You prioritize your team's success over your own
  • Integrity: Being honest and doing the right thing when no one is looking
  • Perseverance: Not giving up when things get tough
  • Leadership: Take actions to get things done

In addition to these values, we are obsessive about our customer's success. All of our actions are aligned to the customer's desired outcome, even if we need to make some sacrifices on our end. We believe we can only succeed when we demonstrate our dedication to understand and help our customers. We choose happy customers over short-term profits.

In terms of experience, we are more interested in your ability to solve unfamiliar problems than what you already know how to do. Ideally you have demonstrated success in varying scenarios, where you had to learn a lot quickly. Such capability is paramount to our success as a consulting company, as every customer has different needs.

We also seek people with diverse interests in life, and who love to laugh, teach and learn. We also have "No Jerk" policy; we don't hire them, no matter how smart they are. We love candidates who volunteer to serve those in need.

We hope you get a sense of who we are looking for, and please get in touch with us if you are still interested in working together.

Current Openings

While our customer needs vary over time, we are looking for people who can help us in the following areas:

  • Front-End Software Engineering Consultant: 10+ years of experience building web application UI, over diverse array of frameworks, with recent experience in React or Polymer
  • Back-End Software Engineering Consultant: 10+ years of experience building web services and integrations, in various languages and platforms
  • Technical Project Manager: 10+ years of implementing enterprise software development (not off-the-shelf). Highly organized at all times with an outgoing personality. Formal training is nice but not required
  • IT Consultant: 10+ years of creating complex systems and networks, last 3+ years working with AWS/Azure. Understands current Security best practices
  • Online Marketing Consultant: 5+ years of experience in creating online campaigns. Facebook certification would be great
  • Web Content Manager: 5+ years of web-centric copywriting, including blogs and ad content. Possesses mastery of the English language
  • WordPress Consultants: 5+ years of WordPress customization experience (ideally has written a couple of public plug-ins)

Qualified candidates can submit their application to Emails from headhunters and recruiters will be considered junk. For all others, we thank you for your interest and we will get in touch with you soon. Due to the number of submissions, we are not able to respond to every application.